Welcome to WVA Whisky Auctions

Welcome to WVA Whisky Auctions

WVA is the ONLY Whisky/Wine Auction that’s sells your bottles totally Free of charge for Sellers.

WVA is an Independent Whisky & Wine Auction which provides an Auction Website platform for all lovers of things alcoholic to sell there bottles at NO COST. WVA has come along way since it started, and is building a loyal customer base with many fantastic comments on Prices, Great Shipping Prices, Packaging, Speed of delivery and Customer Service.

WVA’s Auction is monthly, Please see dates below for future Auctions. If you wish to sell Bottles/Collections/Part Collections/Casks, then please pick up the phone or send me an e-mail.

If you would like a valuation or to send in Bottles please get in contact.

Tel Number :- (+44) (0)7801978190

Email :-  info@wvawhiskyauctions.co.uk

WVA now has a Collection Service Available to pick up collections if required. Please call to discuss.

Please ensure prompt payment after Auction End, Thank you 

Future Auction Dates :-

1st March 7pm – 10th March 8pm

1st April 7pm – 9th April 8pm – WVA’S NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH!!

10th April 7pm – 17th April 8pm – Brain Cancer Fund Raising Auction

1st May 7pm – 9th May 8pm

1st June 7pm – 9th June 8pm

Why Sell With WVA

International Coverage

Sell your whisky to a Global Audience at No Cost.

Easy Registration

Registration is FREE and takes less than a Minute, you can be buying and selling now.

Lowest Commission Rates

0% Sellers Commission on all value bottles, No reserve price fees, No bottle registration fees, No catches no fuss. Sellers receive 100% of the hammer price.

Fast Payouts

No month long wait for your money! Sell your whisky and get paid when we do!!.